About Us

Harambe Technologies (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2003. It was one of the first wholly black owned IT companies in South Africa that provided services and solutions within the Broadcast market. The company diversified its solutions and services to incorporate the Security, Aviation, Telecommunications and Multimedia (IOT) markets.


Harambe Technologies (Pty) Ltd specializes in the Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Support as well as consulting services within the different markets it operates in.

Formulated Solutions

Our main focus is to supply equipment and formulate solutions that are unique to the following markets.


Broadcast Studios, Distribution, MAM solutions, System intergration


CCTV solutions, Biometric systems, Access Control, Remote Monitoring


Boardroom AV solutions, Home/Office Automation, Unified Communication, Systems


Video conferencing systems, Digital/interactive display

We are launching a new product the Copper Oxide Anti-Viral Face-Mask

A revolutionary multi-use Viral Deactivator, IIR Mask, developed in Israel, is the world’s first regulated Face Mask that is impregnated with copper oxide micro-particles. The mask is 99.9% effective on all bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

Boardrooms Installations
CCTV Installations
System Intergrations
Interactive Installations

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Harambe Technologies offers an impressive Commercial capability, enabling us to access products from Manufacturers Worldwide. Harambe Technologies (Pty) Ltd is able to offer customized turnkey solutions. Part of our company strength is that we are able to offer everything from consulting services, to help customers bring their ideas into reality through appropriate planning and research.

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more information on our Solutions

The Broadcasting industry has changed and adapted to technology, as have similar industries that utilize high bandwidth and fiber optics. The move towards HD, UHD, 4k and other large formats has made this industry the forefront of immersive technologies.


Harambe Technologies has positioned itself at the cutting edge of Broadcast technologies. The digital age has made an impact on broadcasters and telecommunication markets across the world. Now more than ever the need to utilize products and solutions that enhance one’s overall profitability is of vital importance within these two markets. Due to the growth and the nature of the market, both broadcasters and telecoms companies are forced to find innovative solutions to adhere to evolving and changing consumer demands.


As a key Systems Integrator, Harambe Technologies, supplies, installs, commissions and supports all their Broadcasting infrastructure projects. Our company covers the entire broadcast spectrum, from Production and Content Generation in both Television and Radio. Contribution, Distribution up to and including Transmission.

The world we live in is connected, our Global Village is the smallest it’s ever been. The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. Harambe Technologies has positioned itself for this change by providing services and solutions that influence the way that people interact and work with technology on a daily basis.


Everything that we do in our modern lives involves large amounts of Data and Data processing. Our solutions involve providing Public and Private organizations with technology solutions that add value and streamline the way things work.


Our Solutions in IOT span from Building Management and Automation Systems. Access Control, RFID, Video Conferencing, Guest Management, digital signage, voice, data, video and communication.

Harambe Technologies (Pty) Ltd realizes and understands some of the heightened levels of security needed by our corporate and government customers.


Safety and security has always been a number one requirement for many organizations. Security has been at the forefront of many companies especially to help enhance productivity levels and more importantly, create secure working environments. The need for organizations to be able to monitor and record at any time and from virtually any place is the new phase of conventional CCTV systems. The threat of Cyber Security is probably the one biggest obstacle facing all organizations and individuals in this day and age.


The Security Solutions we provide cover a wider spectrum and offering. Whether it is Border Control, Aviation infrastructure Security, Government buildings, Corporates as well as high end private residential areas. As Harambe we are able to take security requirements from planning all the way to execution of complex requirements.

In the World’s fast pace environment, the requirement for mobile communications has increased exponentially. This increase, presents a number of challenges in the deployment of Communications Infrastructure, Environmental Impact, Data Analysis and Data Throughput.


Harambe provides solutions that assist Mobile Network Operators with Network Optimization, Network Infrastructure Solutions and Network Data Management, Antenna Systems (Active and Passive) as well as In-building Managed Solutions and Services.


Our Solutions are inclusive but not limited to the following areas:
-Site Solutions – Antennas
-RF Connectors
-RF Cabling
-Coaxial Feeder Cables
-Trunk Solutions
-Hybrid Cable Solutions
-Optical Distribution Frames

-MIMO Solutions