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Sentech Brixton Install

CCTV System

Sentech is state owned company and is the largest broadcasting signal distributor in South Africa. Sentech is a licensed Electronic Communications Network Provider in South Africa. It currently operates many telecommunication networks for Satellite, Television, Radio, Internet and more. As such, Sentech is a Global enabler of broadcasting and digital content delivery.

The purpose of the project was to provide Sentech with a CCTV System for the Sentech Brixton Tower and Sentech Technology Park which would assist in enhancing safety at Sentech’s facilities by putting in a certain standard of protection to the facilities since being declared a National Key Point (NKP), ultimately improving its security systems infrastructure and associated facilities.

We proposed a high-end, end-to-end surveillance solution from Avigilon that consisted of:
1. PTZ cameras
2. Bullet cameras
3. Dome Cameras
4. Remote Server
5. Master Server
6. Display Screens; and
7. Cisco Switches

Avigilon offers a wide variety of cameras that are suitable for different applications. The Avigilon cameras operate on a H4A platform which is Avigilon’s highest performing solution. The H4 platform consists of cameras that have faster processing analytics. The H4A bullet cameras are supplied in 1MP, 2 MP, 3MP, 5MP resolution and up to 4K Ultra HD (8.0Megapixel) resolution. The Avigilon cameras have an adaptive infrared capability that provides wide and narrow illumination and enables consistent illumination in complete darkness to enhance image quality.