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Digital Screens Setup

SALGA aimed at soliciting a competent service provider to manage the digital screens at SALGA’s National and Western Cape offices and to roll out the digital screens to SALGA in additional provinces.

When Harambe Technologies was appointed, the SALGA Communications Unit had been managing the digital screens which are used for the purpose of informing staff about SALGA activities and events from National Office, Provincial Office and SALGA’s Western Cape provincial office. A need was identified to supply screens to the rest of SALGA’s Offices in eight (8) provinces.
Harambe Technologies provided the following services:

– Deliver the screens to SALGA’s National Office and 8 additional offices,
– Maintain and continuously update content on all screens,
– Service the digital screens; and when required
– Recommend/Identify and provide suitable digital screens for use at additional SALGA offices