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SABC CCTV and Biometric Access Control Write up

CCTV Installation

The SABC is South Africa’s national public broadcaster. Its objectives are to provide a comprehensive range of distinctive programmes and services with the view to inform, educate, entertain, support, and develop culture in all 11 official languages. Its principal activities comprise of television and radio broadcasting utilising 18 radio stations and 4 television channels.

As the communications centre of South Africa, a well secured campus is a key priority to the SABC and the country as a whole. It is therefore imperative to strengthen the existing security measures by implementing modern and cutting edge technology that will enable the SABC to not only safeguard its equipment, staff and visitors to the campus, but also the national assets housed on the premises.

Harambe Technologies was appointed by SABC as the main system integrator to fulfil its objective to supply, Install and commission IP CCTV Cameras system and ACS to assist the SABC in providing the primary management interface for maintaining and managing their Auckland Park Security System. The ACS provides the integration backbone for connection to multiple 3rd party systems for monitoring and controlling security within the organisation without compromising on its primary function of Access Control. The ACS also provides a data collection mechanism whereby all security data related to the secure functioning of the organisation is collected in the industry standard SQL-based database.

The complete ACS system installed by Harambe Technologies included the following:
– Access Control System Concept
– Software
– Hardware
– X-Ray Machine
– Metal Detector
– Waist Height Turnstyles
– Paraplegic Gates
– Full height Turnstyles
– Security booms
– Pay Parking System
– Electric Perimeter Fence
– Integration

Furthermore, the IP CCTV Surveillance System was also provided and installed by Harambe Technologies, which included:
– Design Concept
– IP Video System
– IP Fixed Box Camera
– IP PTZ Camera
– IP Fixed Dome Camera
– Video Operation Codec Management, Recording and Processing Software
– Network Video Recorder
– Storage