City of Tshwane Security

Overview and Solution

Harambe Anti-Cable Theft Project which cable theft is a Global issue but highly concentrated in South Africa.

  • Estimated losses in South Africa + – R5 billion per annum
  • Essential services severely disrupted;

– Medical
– Transport
– Security
– Telecommunication
– Electricity supply

Consequential loss is estimated to be 10 times higher than replacing stolen cables. The City of Tshwane is one of the world’s biggest municipalities, which has been facing an ongoing crisis as a direct result of Cable Theft. Cable theft needs 3 main solutions to ensure complete success in terms of prevention. Mechanical, Early Warning and Reaction. The first tender that was issued by the City was for a mechanical solution. This project was won by Harambe Technologies, and we provided a locally engineered and patented mechanical solution covering overhead, pole mounted and underground anti-cable theft devices.

Our CATU (Cable Anti-Theft Units) are the only ones that are patented in the whole of Africa as well as the only ones the carry the SABS certification standards. Since implementation of our underground Anti-Cable theft units in some of the key hotspot areas, the city has seen an immense decrease of cable theft in those areas as criminals are not able to get the cables out of the ground. The city has applauded the design of the CATU units as well as the ease of installation into their new and existing sites. The CATU units provide and anchoring for all cables installed, that makes it virtually impossible for the cable and the units to be pulled out the ground.

The difference between using CATU and other methods such as pouring concrete into the cable trench, is that CATU allows maintenance on the cable. Concrete cuts the lifespan of a cable by almost 1/3rd versus the CATU solution.