Scaws Metal Group

Overview and Solution

The SCAW METALS GROUP as an entity needs to manufacture materials according to its daily and weekly target as loss of production time relates to loss of finances. To this effect, SCAW METALS GROUP requires a High-Definition IP surveillance system that can assist with monitoring the manufacturing process of its steel products. The IP surveillance system is to have cameras that support high frame rates so that the SCAW METALS-MORGAN MILL can accurately track and play back recorded images of where a bar transporting the production material to a furnace suddenly stopped.

Harambe Technologies carried out this project where we had to follow guideline sent out by Scaws Metal group on one of their sites at Germiston, Scaws metal and their day to day involves working in high temperature environments. To ensure the success of the project, Harambe technologies needed products that could withstand these extreme temperatures. Consequently, we opted for the Axiz camera system alongside the cathexis back-end. These choices were made due to their ability to endure the challenging temperature conditions.