Multichoice DVB-H

Overview and Solution

At a time when DVB-T was being implemented in many areas around the world and before the prevalence of OTT. DVB-H (digital video broadcasting over handheld) was a standard that was set to make a major impact Globally. Multichoice was an early adopter of the technology and rolled out numerous broadcast sites for this platform that was set to be an alternative to watching television on a large format display.  

Harambe was chosen to implement the transmission site at Bronkhorstfontein. This site was co-located at an MTN site. The work involved the preparation of the site by digging and preparing the foundation for the pre-fab transmission building. Erecting the Pre-fabricated building, supplying and installing the racks as well as the electrical supply, installation and reticulation. Installing the transmitter and commissioning. As well as installing the Antenna on the co-located mast.  

The project was a big success, done within record time, especially given all the moving parts that were required to make it successful.